United Kingdom

Shipping & Returns

Return Policy

When you need to return, please be sure to contact our customer service, return the application operation performed. We only offer a return service for you, in order to ensure that your interests. Please contact us thoughtful.

Return Goods

Please ensure that the packaging of goods intact and undamaged; unused merchandise; merchandise returned, as a result of the purchase of goods obtained containing gifts, please return the gifts together. As ask for an invoice, please send an invoice along with the goods. Such as invoice is lost, it will not handle returns. Package or bundle of goods, can not be part of the return. Because after the return, the original package or bundle of goods, may not be able to enjoy the preferential purchase. Pictures and information for reference, depending on the shooting in different lighting and display color problems may cause some differences in pictures of goods, all to prevail in kind.

Handling process

In order to ensure the return order can be timely processing, please follow the process, it may not be for return

Application returned to sign for the package on the time, five days of receipt of goods, you can contact us by e-mail application to return, customer service will respond in one working day to you. Customers need to wait for the verification of customer service personnel to confirm the return pen application, so the application is accepted, the goods can be return. Customer service staff will contact the customer to return policy further processing. Upon receipt of returned goods, after inspection after confirmation, customer service staff will work in two days to contact you to help your refund or refund integral issues.

Return Description

We ensure that the correct number of goods, when you receive delivery, inventory quantity of goods on the spot.
We ensure complete product packaging, such as when you receive the goods and found that the surface of the packaging of goods damaged, resulting in damaged goods, please be sure to spot refused, please contact our customer service after rejection. We only accept applications through the customer service phone in the form of return.